ACK3 to stay ahead in Eurosatory 2024


Connecting with global leaders in economic intelligence and risk management solutions

Paris, France – ACK3, as a provider of economic intelligence and risk management solutions, is excited to be part of Eurosatory 2024, one of the key global events for defense and security. The exhibition is being held from June 17 to 21 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Indeed, Eurosatory is a pivotal event for professionals in the defense and security sectors, drawing over 100,000 experts from around the world. It serves as a crucial platform for discussing the latest challenges and innovative solutions in crisis management, from high-intensity conflicts to humanitarian and environmental emergencies​​; wehere ACK3 aims to leverage this opportunity to connect with industry leaders, stay updated with the latest trends, and explore potential collaborations.

“Attending Eurosatory 2024 allows us to engage with key stakeholders and remain at the forefront of developments in economic intelligence and risk management,” said Jorge Quintana, CEO of ACK3. “We look forward to discussing how our innovative solutions can address the evolving challenges in today’s global landscape.”

About Eurosatory

Founded in 1967, Eurosatory is a global event for defense and security professionals. Held every two years in Paris, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to meet manufacturers and start-ups from around the world, alongside public and private defense and security market players. Attendees can exchange with top experts, government representatives, international institutions, and NGOs, attend high-level lectures and round tables, discover state-of-the-art innovations, and gain insight into the sector’s developments.

Eurosatory showcases over 500 new solutions and presents a wide array of services and products to enhance defense and security capabilities. Its DNA is built on four strategic pillars: being an international and technological exhibition, dedicated to business and insight. The event has adapted over its 55-year history to global developments in defense and security, addressing an expanding range of threats and promoting a safer world.