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NEXO: Bridging futures

Corporate Social Responsibility

At ACK3, we are proud to introduce NEXO, our flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project designed to facilitate the transition of military personnel, both active-duty members seeking new horizons and retirees, into the civilian business world.Understanding the unique challenges faced by these individuals, NEXO aims to ensure their successful reintegration into the workforce with promising new career opportunities.

Empowering through opportunity

Many of ACK3’s team members come from military backgrounds, finding a new lease on professional life within the private sector through our diverse projects.

From engineering collaborations to international missions and business development, our veterans leverage their disciplined training, strategic thinking, and unparalleled resilience in a multitude of roles. Their success stories within ACK3 are a testament to the potential that lies in this transition.

Bridging Futures by NEXO

Understanding the unique challenges faced by these individuals, NEXO aims to ensure their successful reintegration into the workforce with promising new career opportunities.

A commitment to making a difference

In this photo, we can see a former military personnel working as an engineer for ACK3 on an international project. ACK3’s commitment through NEXO is more than just employment; it’s about providing a meaningful and impactful transition for those who have served. By recognizing the invaluable skills and experiences military personnel bring to the table, we aim to foster a seamless integration into civilian life, ensuring that every veteran finds their place and purpose in the business world.

Recognition and professional growth

As illustrated in the image, our former military employees in the Middle East have been awarded for their professional dedication and performance, highlighting the positive impact of NEXO. This initiative not only honors their service but also addresses a crucial need for direction and purpose many veterans face upon leaving the military. By providing a structured path to new careers, we help alleviate the feeling of being adrift, transforming uncertainty into opportunity.

Collaboration with universities and educational institutions

In addition to our core services, we also develop specific training programs and courses in collaboration with various educational entities.

These initiatives are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of targeted activities, similar to those undertaken by the Spanish Special Forces, as depicted in the image at the University of Salamanca, among other different activities and educational programs.

Through these educational collaborations, we aim to offer insights into specialized fields, enhancing the practical understanding and skills of students with real-world applications drawn from elite military operations. This approach not only enriches the educational experience but also bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical implementation in high-stakes environments.

Jorge Quintana, CEO of ACK3, speaks at the University of Salamanca

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