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At ACK3, we understand the importance of local presence combined with global expertise. Our strategically located offices around the world enable us to offer tailored risk management and strategic intelligence consultancy services with a local touch. Here’s a glimpse into our global footprint:

Global Headquearters

Madrid, Spain

Paseo de la Castellana, 259 C, 28046 Madrid, España

Expanding our reach to serve you better

Each of our global offices is staffed by a dedicated team of specialists who bring local knowledge and global insights to our clients’ most pressing challenges. By combining the strengths of our diverse team with the latest in technology and best practices, we ensure that our clients are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of today’s global landscape.

At ACK3, we are more than just a consultancy firm; we are your global partner in risk management and strategic intelligence, dedicated to providing you with the support you need, wherever you are in the world.

Mexico City, Mexico

Our office in Mexico City allows us to directly engage with clients in the LATAM region, offering specialized services that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities in this dynamic market. Our local experts are well-versed in addressing the specific needs of businesses operating in Latin America.

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Bogotá, Colombia

In Bogotá, our team focuses on delivering comprehensive risk consultancy and intelligence services to a diverse client base. Colombia’s strategic position in South America makes this office pivotal for our operations in the region.

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Baghdad, Iraq

Our presence in Baghdad places us at the heart of one of the most complex regions in the world. This office is crucial for providing high-risk management and strategic support to our clients operating in the Middle East.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi office strengthens our reach across the Middle East and beyond, offering cutting-edge risk management solutions and consultancy services in a region known for its rapid growth and evolving security challenges.

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Tripoli, Libya

Our Tripoli office is strategically located to navigate the complexities of North Africa, providing expert risk consultancy and strategic intelligence tailored to the unique geopolitical and economic landscape of the region. Our team in Libya is equipped to offer bespoke solutions that ensure the security and prosperity of our clients’ operations in this intricate market.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In Addis Ababa, our presence is integral to servicing the Horn of Africa and surrounding areas. We offer specialized risk management and consulting services, leveraging local insights to address the challenges and harness the opportunities within this pivotal African region. Our experts are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and stability for our clients.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Our Lagos office serves as a hub for West Africa, offering a comprehensive suite of risk management and strategic consulting services. Nigeria’s vibrant economy and its role as a key player in the African continent make our Lagos office essential for clients seeking to navigate this dynamic market with confidence.

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Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, we provide world-class risk consultancy and intelligence services, capitalizing on the city’s status as a global financial center and gateway to China. Our team offers tailored solutions that address the unique business environment and regulatory landscape of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Brussels, Belgium

Our Brussels office is at the heart of Europe, offering strategic risk management and consultancy services in a city known for its international institutions and as a political hub of the European Union. We provide insights and solutions that help our clients navigate the complex regulatory, economic, and political landscapes of Europe.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In Riyadh, our office is key to understanding and operating within the Middle East, particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. We offer specialized risk management and strategic consulting services, designed to meet the needs of clients in a region characterized by its strategic geopolitical importance and economic transformation initiatives.


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Global Trusted Supplier

ACK3 is a trusted supplier to prominent international organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, NATO, European Defense Agency, Aerospace Agency, and OSCE.

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