ACK3 analyzes the economy in VUCA zones on Negocios TV


As a strategic risk, security, and intelligence consultancy, ACK3 participates in Negocios TV to discuss how economic intelligence helps businesses face challenges. en para discutir cómo la inteligencia económica ayuda a las empresas a enfrentar los desafíos

Madrid, España — ACK3, a European specialist in global risk management and prevention, as well as strategic security and economic intelligence consulting, recently appeared on an episode of Negocios TV to discuss current issues for businesses in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environments. In the full interview, Jorge Quintana, CEO of ACK3, and Jorge Ventura, Marketing & Sales Manager, shared their insights on how economic intelligence can assist businesses in navigating risks in an increasingly uncertain and complex world. Jorge Ventura further detailed the company’s services in these situations.

ACK3 operates in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, specializing in reinforcing business resilience, securing corporate environments, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Their services include risk intelligence, crisis management, due diligence, market entry, and cybersecurity, catering to a wide range of clients from private companies to governments.

“In a VUCA world, it’s essential for companies to have robust and flexible strategies to manage risks and seize emerging opportunities,” stated Jorge Quintana.


About Negocios TV

Negocios TV is a channel specializing in economic and business information, created in 2020. With rapid growth, it offers detailed analysis and interviews with industry leaders. Its programming covers financial markets, global economic trends, and business strategies, providing viewers with a comprehensive and updated view of the business world. The channel aims to be a reliable source for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals interested in economic developments and business opportunities.

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