Mission Critical Support

ACK3’s Mission Critical Support service is designed to provide crucial assistance in high-importance and high-risk situations. This service ensures a rapid and efficient response in challenging environments.

Additionally, we provide executive protection services, design and implementation of security programs, and event security management, along with technical surveillance countermeasures

Specific Services

Market Entry Support

Strategic assistance for companies looking to enter new markets, including risk analysis, local adaptation strategies, and regulatory support.

Logistics Support

Comprehensive logistical support for operations in challenging environments, ensuring the efficiency and safety of the
supply chain.

Operations & Liaison Coordination (OLC)

Coordination of operations and liaison, facilitating effective communication and cooperation among different entities and stakeholders.

Global Hybrid Security Operations Center (SOC)

An advanced center that combines cutting-edge technology and security experts to monitor, analyze, and respond to global security threats.

Executive Protection

Customized executive protection services, focused on the safety of high-profile individuals in various

Other services

Security Program Design and Implementation

Design and implementation of customized security programs, tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Event Security Management

Comprehensive management of event security, ensuring the safety of participants and the integrity of the event.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures to protect against electronic espionage and ensure information confidentiality.

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