Equipment & Solutions

ACK3 Equipment & Solutions represents the pinnacle of technological advancement, offering unmatched performance and innovation. This exclusive range is tailored for discerning users who seek reliability and cutting-edge functionality in their equipment. Our solutions stand at the forefront of design and utility, ensuring users are always equipped for the future. Embrace the elite with ACK3, where excellence is standard.

Infraestructure and Camps


ACK3 Infrastructures area provides leading services in the design, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of modular buildings for a variety of sectors, including aeronautics, defense, hospitals, social development, logistics and distribution, and, importantly, unique projects.

ACK3 offers rapid-build hangars, workshops, warehouses, and more with turnkey, energy-efficient solutions emphasizing speed, quality, and low maintenance for diverse sectors.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


ACK3’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Solutions utilize GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) technologies to safeguard against electronic eavesdropping in meetings, interviews, and other sensitive communications.

These solutions employ advanced techniques to secure electromagnetic transmissions, preventing unauthorized interception and ensuring the confidentiality of your discussions across various communication networks.

Custom Survival Kit


ACK3’s Custom Survival Kit is curated to equip employees with essential survival tools and resources needed for their safety and well-being in the most remote and challenging environments. Each kit is tailored to the climate, geography, and working conditions of its destination, ensuring that every individual—engineers, technicians, or business people—has the right equipment to handle unexpected situations.

Our survival kit includes medical supplies, communication and navigation tools, emergency sustenance, and shelter solutions, all packed in a durable, weather-resistant bag.

Diving Units’ Equipment


ACK3 Diving Units’ Equipment offers a comprehensive range of high-quality diving gear and apparatus tailored to meet the diverse requirements of underwater enthusiasts and professionals. Committed to safety, innovation, and performance, ACK3 provides a wide array of products, including regulators, buoyancy control devices, masks, fins, and accessories.

With ACK3 Diving Units’ Equipment, divers can trust in the reliability and durability of their gear, making each underwater action memorable and enjoyable. Moreover, we also offer top-tier professional diving education programs.

Armored Ambulance


ACK3 Special Vehicles area provides rapid, durable armored ambulance services in a complex environments, ensuring safety, taylored to needs and focusing on quality with low-maintenance, energy-efficient construction for diverse operational needs.

ACK3’s armored ambulance service combines advanced protection with high efficiency for secure and fast medical transport in demanding environments.

Drones, AI & Connection


Our ACK3 drone’s unit is an AESA-registered operator, certified to conduct flights in urban scenarios. We ensure safety throughout the drone aerial operation. We handle permission with the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

This technology enables remote control of drones via 4G/5G networks and the transmission of images for AI-powered remote analysis. It has a proof of concept for foreign object detection with an alert system.

Premier Parachute Systems


ACK3 offers cutting-edge parachutes tailored for varied missions, featuring advanced materials for optimal performance. Designed with input from military experts, our parachutes ensure seamless integration with defense logistics and come in multiple sizes for strategic flexibility.

All TP equipment and components are type certified by the Spanish Ministry of Defense and carry NATO Stock Numbers (NSN), assuring compliance with stringent military standards.

Surface Navigation Systems


The ACK3 Surface Navigation Systems enhance the operational capabilities of various units in lakes, rivers, deltas, swamps, archipelagos, urban waterways, coastal regions, and open seas. Available in distinct sizes, each tailored for specific operational environments.

They offer end-users an unprecedented maritime capability for rescue, recovery, and tactical insertion operations in shallow or unfamiliar watersthat was previously unattainable.

Unmanned Aircraft


At ACK3, our aircraft systems are recognized for their amphibious capabilities and significant payload capacity. Our aircraft systems offer up to 25 hours of endurance, versatile take-off and landing capabilities, and customizable configurations to meet specific operational needs.

Reduce the need for manpower, enhancing efficiency and safety across various applications to handle tasks ranging from agricultural work and firefighting to goods transport and surveillance.

Night Vision Optics


ACK3’s Night Vision Optics offers high-definition goggles, monoculars, and binoculars with advanced motion detection, ideal for surveillance, tactical operations, and exploration. Utilizing the latest in low-light intensification and thermal imaging, these devices ensure clarity and precision in darkness.

We also provide comprehensive training and support for optimal use adn applications, ensuring users can maximize the capabilities of their night vision equipment in any condition.


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