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Risk management, intelligence, and global security

At ACK3, we are in search of exceptional individuals dedicated to advancing the fields of risk management, intelligence, and global security. Our diverse team includes economists, international lawyers, risk consultants, intelligence analysts, M&A specialists, due diligence experts, investigators, operational strategists, engineers focused on applied business solutions, military, and seasoned veterans from special forces.

Open Application

Are you looking for being part of the ACK3 team, but can’t find the right one among the open positions and think you would be a good fit for us? Then, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application! Please, send us a letter of motivation in which you explain why you are a good match for ACK3 Global Solutions, together with your CV and documents.

Discover your next role at ACK3

Our recruitment process is designed to be a collaborative journey between you and ACK3, ensuring a transparent exchange of information. We encourage you to thoroughly review the job specifics and the essential qualifications needed.

At ACK3, we believe diversity drives excellence. We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valued, enabling everyone to contribute fully. As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome applications from candidates of various backgrounds, ensuring a discrimination-free selection process for all.