Human Resources

The ACK3 Human Resources Security section is dedicated to safeguarding human resources within organizations. This encompasses talent identification and training, the implementation of security policies, and workplace risk assessment. It also addresses ethical compliance, workplace security culture, and crisis management.

Collectively, it ensures that organizations have qualified, ethical, and secure personnel while being prepared to effectively manage labor and security challenges.

Specific Services

Selection & Training

Identifying, hiring, and training employees to meet specific job requirements.

Academy: Institute & Training

Providing educational and training programs to develop skills and knowledge.

Integrity Assessments and Polygraph Testing

Evaluating the trustworthiness of individuals through assessments and polygraph examinations.

Other services

Personnel Risk Analysis

Assessing potential risks associated with employees to mitigate workplace threats.

Labor Compliance and Ethical Audits

Ensuring adherence to labor laws and ethical standards through audits.

Workplace Security and Culture Consulting

Enhancing workplace security and fostering a positive organizational culture.

Crisis Management and Response Plans

Developing strategies and plans to effectively handle and respond to crises and emergencies.

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