Layered Voice Analysis™ (LVA)

Step into the innovative world of human resource optimization with ACK3 Layered Voice Analysis™ (LVA), our advanced integrity and personality assessment platform that revolutionizes the recruitment process and employment assessment quality control. At ACK3, we bridge the gap between technological innovation and human resource management. Our LVA platform employs the sophisticated LVA7 technology for voice analysis, providing management and HR departments with objective and immediate data to enhance decision-making in recruitment and employee assessment.

Our services include

  • Interactive evaluation platform: An immersive assessment tool that measures emotional content and potential “risk” across various subjects, allowing candidates to express themselves naturally.
  • Automated and remote testing: Support for computerized tests as well as operator-assisted remote phone evaluations using pre-designed questionnaires.
  • Risk analysis results: LVA generates clear, easily understandable risk scores for each examined subject, highlighting additional values and warnings useful for follow-up interviews.
  • Tailored questionnaires: Standard and customizable questionnaires designed to probe topics such as theft, drug abuse, and more, providing detailed reports for each subject based on candidate responses.
Example of Risk Analysis Results.
  • Scalable system: LVA is versatile and available in multiple configurations, suitable for organizations of any size, from small businesses to multinational networks, and specialized units like police recruitment and military applications.
  • Diverse application: Ideal for police recruitment, special units, military, security and loss prevention, recruitment agencies, private enterprises, supply chains, banks, insurance companies, and call centers.
  • Integrity testing: LVA’s integrity tests measure the potential risk and personal acceptance of illicit or undesirable behaviors, reflecting the probability of harm to the organization.
  • Dual operation modes: Choose between an automated test where candidates interact directly with the LVA system in a quiet room, or a phone-based test where an operator guides the candidate through each question.
  • Automated reporting: The test report is automatically generated for each subject based on the analysis of the candidate’s responses.
  • Audio replay option: For a comprehensive review, specific segments (responses) can be listened to, with easy navigation to risk-marked answer.
  • Standardized and custom scripts: Includes pre-employment test scripts for both automated and phone-based versions, with the flexibility to create custom questionnaires as additional packages.
  • Automated reporting: The test report is automatically generated for each subject based on the analysis of the candidate’s responses.
  • Audio replay option: For a comprehensive review, specific segments (responses) can be listened to, with easy navigation to risk-marked answers.
  • Emotional profile: showcasing an intricately designed octagon. This visual representation categorizes the interviewee’s primary characteristics into eight distinct sections: Passionate, Emotional, Uneasy, Stressful, Thinker, Confident, Concentrated, and Energetic. Each segment offers insight into the individual’s emotional and cognitive states, facilitating a deeper understanding of their personality and responses.
Example of emotional profile.

How is LVA working?

The questions posed are intricately linked to the layers of the voice to determine veracity. This approach analyzes the nuances and subtleties in vocal patterns, correlating them with emotional and cognitive responses to assess truthfulness.

Questions link to voice layers, analyzing truth through vocal nuances.

With ACK3 Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), you’re not just recruiting; you’re investing in the future integrity and culture of your organization. Embrace the power of voice analysis to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions about the individuals you choose to bring into your company.

Each voice layer is giving information.
Example of automated outcomes by topics.

Why should your organization do an ACK3 LVA?

1. Enhanced HR decision-making: LVA provides objective and immediate insights into integrity and personality, facilitating informed decision-making in recruitment and employee evaluations, thus reducing the risk of hiring or retaining personnel who could be detrimental to the organization.

2. Proactive fraud and risk prevention: By assessing the potential for illicit or undesirable behaviors, LVA aids in preempting fraud, theft, and other internal risks, ensuring a safer and more trustworthy work environment.

3. Resource optimization: LVA is a versatile and scalable tool adaptable to any organization size, from small businesses to multinational networks, making it a cost-effective solution for risk management and integrity assessment.

4. Diverse and specialized applications: Its wide applicability, ranging from police and military personnel selection to use in recruitment agencies, private companies, and call centers, makes LVA a valuable tool in various operational contexts.

5. Non-invasive and ethical evaluation: Unlike other assessment methods, LVA is neither intimidating nor discriminatory, offering an ethical and respectful way to assess candidates and employees, maintaining trust and respect within the organization.

6. Emotion and risk profile analysis: LVA not only detects the risk of harmful behaviors but also analyzes the emotional profile, providing a deeper understanding of individuals’ personalities and emotional states, contributing to better talent management.

Implementing ACK3 LVA in your organization means adopting an advanced, scientifically supported approach to human resource optimization, risk prevention, and organizational culture strengthening, ensuring an investment in the integrity and future of your company.


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