Fitness, Military, Discipline, Leadership

This course is organized by ACK3 to provide intensive training in physical fitness, discipline, and basic military skills. It is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their physical capabilities, understand military-style discipline, and acquire foundational skills in teamwork and leadership.

What is Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp program offered by ACK3 is a rigorous training regimen that simulates the basic training environment of military forces. It is aimed at civilians, reserve military personnel, and anyone interested in experiencing the physical and mental challenges typical of military training. The program focuses on physical conditioning, basic tactical training, and the development of discipline and teamwork.

Know Your Client (KYC)


Bootcamp sessions can range from a weekend to several weeks, depending on the desired intensity and objectives of the participants. The training is held at our dedicated facility in Castilla-La-Mancha, conveniently located an hour from Madrid. Our 20-hectare compound is outfitted with obstacle courses, training fields, and accommodations suitable for the immersive Bootcamp experience.



The ACK3 Bootcamp curriculum is structured to push participants to their physical and mental limits while instilling core military values and skills. The program includes:


  1. Physical conditioning: Rigorous daily workouts focusing on strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility.
  2. Drill and ceremony: Instruction in military drills and ceremonies to promote discipline and unit cohesion.
  3. Tactical training: Basic tactics for teamwork and leadership in field operations, including navigation and simulated combat scenarios.
  4. Survival skills: Fundamentals of outdoor survival, including shelter building, fire making, and emergency first aid.
  5. Obstacle navigation: Training on obstacle courses to develop physical agility and mental resilience.
  6. Team building: Exercises designed to foster teamwork, leadership, and effective communication among participants.
  7. Discipline and time management: Developing self-discipline through structured daily routines and time management skills.
  8. Basic self-defense: Introduction to hand-to-hand combat and self-defense techniques.
  9. Stress management: Techniques for coping with physical and mental stress in challenging environments.
  10. Nutrition and health: Education on proper nutrition and health practices to maintain physical fitness and well-being.
  11. Environmental adaptation: Training to adapt and perform in various environmental conditions.
  12. Personal development: Workshops on goal setting, personal motivation, and developing a growth mindset.
  13. Basic first aid: Training in first aid techniques and emergency medical response.

ACK3’s Bootcamp is a blend of physical challenges, skill development, and character building, all conducted in a supportive yet demanding environment. Through a combination of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and field training, participants emerge from the program with improved physical fitness, a deeper understanding of military disciplines, and enhanced leadership and teamwork skills, ready to tackle new challenges.

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