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ACK3 serves a diverse and prestigious array of clients from both public and private sectors, earning trust through our swift execution and consistently positive outcomes. Our unique services have set industry benchmarks, and as testament to our commitment to excellence, ACK3 is proud to be the first Spanish risk management consultancy to achieve the ISO 18788 certification for Private Security Operations Management Systems.

Unique services

We stand out in the field of risk management consultancy, distinguished by our adherence to the internationally recognized ISO 18788 standard. This certification underscores our dedication to providing private security operations that meet rigorous benchmarks.

Customer satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount, as evidenced by their positive feedback on completed projects. We support them through every phase – planning, development, and execution – tailoring our solutions to the specificities of their industry sectors.

Accredited professionals

The ACK3 team is composed of highly skilled professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Our experts are symbols of assurance, guaranteeing the delivery and execution of quality projects that our clients have come to rely upon.


ACK3 has been at the forefront of delivering strategic intelligence, security and risk management services on a global scale. Below are examples of various projects that highlight our expertise and the trust placed in us by high-profile clients:

Security services at the Spanish Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq

ACK3 provided comprehensive security services, including risk and threat analysis, to ensure the safety of diplomatic personnel and facilities in a high-risk geopolitical environment.

Evacuation plan for hydroelectric dams in Mali

We developed an evacuation plan, factoring in local topography and potential threats, to ensure the safety of both personnel and infrastructure in case of emergencies.

Energy project in Nigeria

Our team crafted an integrated security, procurement, logistics, and intelligence plan, ensuring seamless operations for an ambitious energy project in a challenging region.

Water treatment facilities project in Egypt

We provided a risk plan consultancy service, ensuring the water treatment facilities were safeguarded against potential risks and operational threats.

Executive protection service at the port of Mozambique

ACK3 delivered executive protection services to key personnel involved in a significant development project, ensuring their safety amidst local challenges.

Intelligence reporting and risk alert platform service to travelers in Spain

Our platform service offered real-time intelligence reporting, monitoring, and risk alerts to travelers, enhancing their security and preparedness.

Oilfield safety & training in Algeria

We conducted specialized training for personnel in oilfield safety and self-protection, equipping them with necessary skills to handle potential onsite risks.

Crisis response service for the Kuraymat project in Egypt

ACK3’s crisis response services ensured swift and effective actions in the face of emergencies for the Kuraymat solar power project.

Satellite emergency communication in Algeria

We supplied and implemented state-of-the-art satellite communication facilities to support emergency operations in remote oilfield locations.

First international flight to transport technicians from Spain to Morocco

ACK3 successfully coordinated the first international flight amidst travel restrictions to transport 24 technicians, demonstrating our capability in overcoming logistical hurdles.

Risk consultancy and emergency evacuation plan for desalination project

Our expertise in risk consultancy was instrumental in developing a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan for a critical desalination project, ensuring operational continuity and safety.

Emergency plan for regasification facility in Colombia

ACK3 designed an emergency response plan tailored to the specific needs of a critical energy infrastructure, addressing various scenarios to mitigate risk.

These projects underscore ACK3’s dedication to providing tailored and strategic risk management solutions, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ interests across diverse and challenging environments.


The testimony of our clients speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering the highest standard of service. We invite you to read their stories and learn about the tangible impacts of our collaborations.

ACK3’s client list includes internationally renowned large corporations and numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide tailored services across a spectrum of needs, including risk management, defense, intelligence, special missions, and more. We have operated internationally across nearly every continent for esteemed companies such as Mapfre, Iberdrola, Prosegur, the Government of Spain, Ferrovial, Acciona, Grupo Hafesa, Técnicas Reunidas, NTT Data, Sener, Andritz, Mediaset, and many other significant entities. Our expertise also extends to specific project collaborations with a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses.

Global Trusted Supplier

ACK3 is a trusted supplier to prominent international organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, NATO, European Defense Agency, Aerospace Agency, and OSCE.

ACK3, as part of the ICEX Next Program, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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