Jorge Quintana


Jorge Quintana leads ACK3 as its CEO, with a rich background as a distinguished veteran of the Spanish Special Forces and Assault Diver units. His extensive military experience, spanning over 25 years, has equipped him with in-depth knowledge in security, emergency management, and resilience, with professional engagements in more than 50 countries. Quintana’s expertise is further broadened by his roles in military assistance and civil-military cooperation.

Transitioning from the military to the corporate world, Jorge Quintana has held influential positions in major corporations such as Iberdrola, Cepsa, Acciona, Sener, and Ferrovial, showcasing his unique ability to adapt his strategic and operational skills to the corporate environment. His creative and financial acumen, uncommon among former special forces professionals, has proven invaluable in navigating complex business landscapes.

As a leader, Quintana is known for his proactive approach, comprehensive managing and consulting abilities, and a vast network of contacts, ensuring that ACK3’s clients receive exceptional value, innovative business solutions, and optimal resilience strategies to thrive in challenging situations.



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