Crisis Simulator Platform

Dive into the realm of strategic crisis management with the ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform (CSP), a tool designed to put your organization’s preparedness to the test. Our simulator immerses participants in a virtual world where they must navigate through a spectrum of critical incidents, from natural disasters to cyberattacks, from the loss of a warehouse in a conflict zone to other complex emergency situations.

What is the ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform?

The ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform (CSP) is an innovative platform that replicates intense, real-world crises within a controlled, gamified environment. The CSP offers a unique tabletop exercise experience that enhances cognition, tracks KPIs, and hones decision-making skills. 

Benefits of the CSP


Real-time decision analysis

Understand the causation behind decisions made under stress.


Speed and efficiency

The CS allows for rapid setup and execution, 40% faster than traditional tools.


Multiple use cases

Quick turnaround enables frequent and varied simulation exercises.


Predictive confidence

Build data-driven assurance in your decision-making processes.


Company knowledge

Your employees will increase their company capabilities.

How it works

The CSP experience begins with uploading your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into our unique Procedure Editor. Assign roles to stakeholders and let our system optimize your processes automatically. Participants are then invited to simulate the SOPs in an interactive setting, allowing for real-time analysis and subsequent optimization based on the simulation outcomes.

The application

Designed to emulate a full desktop experience, the ACK3 CS incorporates an email system, social media, breaking news, and chat features to deliver information and facilitate communication as if in a real crisis.

Running headlines offer continuous updates, adding layers of complexity and urgency to the simulation.

The dashboard

Our all-encompassing dashboard offers insights and analytics, painting a real-time picture of your organization’s decision-making processes and the efficacy of responses. It highlights expected versus actual behaviors, identifies risks, and pinpoints potential bottlenecks, allowing for a comprehensive review of your crisis response capabilities.

Why our CSP?


Interdepartmental collaboration

The CS fosters cross-functional teamwork, ensuring a unified response to crises.


Empowered leadership

It equips leaders with the skills to make swift, informed decisions under pressure.


Simulated learning

Engage with a spectrum of simulated threats to bolster your defense strategies.


Regulatory compliance

Fine-tune your incident response procedures to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


Educational investment

Enhance employee education and strengthen company-wide knowledge in crisis management.

The ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform isn’t just a training exercise; it’s an essential tool in your organizational resilience arsenal. It reveals your strengths and uncovers weaknesses, providing a foundation upon which to build a more robust, responsive, and resilient organization.


Step into the world of ACK3 CSP and transform your crisis management approach from reactive to proactive, ensuring that when real-world challenges arise, your team is more than ready to respond effectively.


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