ACK3: Providing assurance in times of global crisis


Escalating conflict scenarios demand tailored security and strategic intelligence to navigate global uncertainties effectively

Baghdad, Iraq – In light of the escalating armed conflicts around the globe, ACK3 wishes to extend a message of calm to private enterprises during these turbulent times. Our commitment remains strong: ‘Wherever you are, ACK3 is there with you.‘ In response to the current situation, we have already activated various security protocols to protect our expatriates.

Our services are tailored to respond swiftly and efficiently, embodying our core promise to our clients. ACK3’s team of geopolitical experts and international risk analysts are at the forefront, offering insights and proactive strategies to manage and mitigate risks in volatile geopolitical landscapes.

“In response to the ongoing conflicts between Israel and Iran, other evolving situations across the Middle East and Eastern Europe, ACK3 proactively offers enhanced strategic intelligence and security solutions to navigate these complex scenarios and safeguard interests in volatile regions.”

As conflicts rise and uncertainties deepen, it is vital for companies to uphold their ‘Duty of Care’. ACK3 has already activated all necessary security protocols to ensure safe evacuations, EMREVAC operations, and the security of expatriated staff or those in transit through or stationed in high-risk countries. We are not merely a provider of specific services; we represent a comprehensive suite of expertise for your key assets. Our offerings include Strategic Risk Consulting, Economic Intelligence, and Human Resource Security, among others.

ACK3 is a trusted partner to top international organizations, including the European Union, United Nations, NATO, and others, offering advanced security and defense technologies and strategic consulting to safeguard your operations and help navigate through these challenging times.

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