ACK3 launches layered voice analysis tool internationally


Expanding beyond Mexican success, ACK3 introduces cutting-edge technology globally, enhancing fraud prevention and organizational trust

Mexico City (CDMX), Mexico – ACK3 announces the global launch of its groundbreaking Layered Voice Analysis™ (LVA) tool, promising to revolutionize lie detection and emotional analysis in interviews, bolstering integrity and security for businesses worldwide.

Having proven its effectiveness in combating fraud and fostering trust in organizational communications across diverse enterprises, ACK3’s Layered Voice Analysis tool employs sophisticated algorithms to detect subtle changes in voice frequency, revealing underlying emotions and stress levels indicative of deception. Now available worldwide, this technology empowers businesses to fortify their fraud prevention measures and safeguard sensitive information.

We are thrilled to introduce our Layered Voice Analysis tool to businesses worldwide,” remarked Salvador Pérez-Silva, Sales & BD Director at ACK3. “This represents a significant leap in corporate security, offering unparalleled insights into human behavior and intentions.”

ACK3’s Layered Voice Analysis tool provides automatic reports assessing:

  • Individual’s risk index across various domains including loyalty, secrecy, teamwork, deception, fraud, bribery, gambling, criminality, or
  • Personality traits such as passion, concentration, confidence, difficulty, stress level, analytical skills, and energy.

By analyzing each layer of voice during interviews, the tool delivers comprehensive results with alerts and actionable insights tailored to specific situations.

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