ACK3 boosts firms with global Due Diligence


Empowering enterprises through exclusive Due Diligence services

Madrid, Spain · ACK3, a leader in risk management and strategic intelligence services and consulting, announces a new boost to its national and international Due Diligence services for enterprises. With the aim of supporting business expansion, ACK3 has not only strengthened its team of analysts globally but also incorporated cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology through its platform, Artificial Intelligence Analysis Platform™ (AIAP).

This exclusive, state-of-the-art solution is engineered to redefine the way organizations gather, analyze, and act upon intelligence, offering unparalleled access to a vast array of data sources. Our AIAP™ platform immerses users in an intuitive environment, enabling seamless integration and interpretation of information from diverse data points including digital footprints, geopolitical developments, and market fluctuations to intricate network analyses.

This dual ACK3 approach of combining a highly skilled global analyst team with advanced AI technology ensures that Spanish companies have exclusive access to comprehensive intelligence, empowering them to make informed decisions and offering a superior quality of service. Due Diligence is crucial for companies looking to expand nationally and internationally, as it allows them to assess the risks and opportunities associated with new business ventures. With ACK3’s global analyst deployment, enterprises can rely on comprehensive support in risk assessment anywhere in the world.

“At ACK3, we understand the importance of robust Due Diligence for the success of business expansion,” said Salvador Pérez-Silva, Sales & Business Development Director of ACK3. “With our highly skilled team of analysts, global presence, and our exclusive AIAP™ technology, we are committed to providing enterprises with the information and support necessary to make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with international expansion.”

Image of a ACK3 Security Operations Center (SOC) in Madrid.

With recent additions, ACK3’s analyst team now includes over 60 professionals of various nationalities, each bringing a unique background. Their expertise spans multiple areas, from various military branches to police and civil guard roles, as well as those with purely civilian experience. Coupled with our AIAP™ technology, ACK3’s analyst team offers a wide range of Due Diligence services, including assessment of political, economic, and legal risks, verification of business and financial backgrounds, and analysis of corporate reputation. With their proactive, results-oriented approach and the support of advanced AI capabilities, ACK3 helps companies identify and address potential risks before they become issues, ensuring a quality service tailored to the needs of Spanish enterprises looking to thrive on the global stage.

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