ACK3 launches a crisis simulator for Strategic Crisis Management


Elevating crisis management with ACK3: Introducing immersive, gamified simulations for real-world preparedness

Madrid, Spain – ACK3, a pioneer in risk management solutions, proudly introduces its latest innovation, the ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform (CSP). This state-of-the-art tool is designed to elevate organizations’ crisis management preparedness through immersive, gamified simulations.

The ACK3 CSP immerses participants in a virtual environment where they navigate through a range of critical incidents, from natural disasters to cyberattacks, providing a realistic testing ground for crisis response strategies.

The ACK3 CSP is an advanced platform that replicates real-world crises in a controlled, gamified setting. Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence, the CSP enhances cognition, tracks key performance indicators (KPIs), and sharpens decision-making skills. The CSP experience begins by uploading Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into the unique Procedure Editor. Stakeholders are assigned roles, and the system optimizes processes automatically. Participants simulate SOPs in an interactive setting, allowing for real-time analysis and optimization based on outcomes. The ACK3 CSP emulates a full desktop experience, incorporating email, social media, breaking news, and chat features to deliver information and facilitate communication as in a real crisis. Running headlines provide continuous updates, adding urgency to the simulation.

An all-encompassing dashboard offers insights and analytics, painting a real-time picture of decision-making processes and response efficacy. It highlights expected versus actual behaviors, identifies risks, and pinpoints potential bottlenecks for a comprehensive review of crisis response capabilities.


Benefits of ACK3 CSP

  • Real-time decision analysis: Understand causation behind decisions made under stress.
  • Speed and efficiency: Rapid setup and execution, 40% faster than traditional tools.
  • Multiple use cases: Quick turnaround enables frequent and varied simulation exercises.
  • Predictive confidence: Build data-driven assurance in decision-making processes.

The ACK3 Crisis Simulator Platform (CSP) is an essential tool in organizational resilience. It reveals strengths, uncovers weaknesses, and provides a foundation for a more robust, responsive, and resilient organization.

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