Travel Risk Management

ACK3’s Travel Risk Management service is a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your organization’s personnel during international travel and deployments.

What is Travel Risk Management?

Travel Risk Management involves assessing, mitigating, and minimizing risks associated with international travel and deployments. It encompasses identifying health, security, and environmental risks, providing real-time updates, crisis response planning, on-site support, and leveraging technology for traveler safety. Travel Risk Management aims to ensure the well-being of individuals and organizations during global mobility while facilitating informed, secure travel.

Ensuring safe global mobility

We specialize in mitigating risks associated with business travel, ensuring the well-being of your employees while abroad. We operate:

Risk assessment: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of travel-related risks, including destination-specific threats, health concerns, political instability, and security issues.
Travel advisories: Provide real-time travel advisories and intelligence updates to inform and prepare travelers before and during their journeys.
Crisis response planning: Develop customized crisis response plans tailored to the organization’s needs, outlining actions to be taken in emergencies.
On-the-ground support: Offer on-site support and assistance to travelers, including emergency response coordination, medical services, and security measures.
Monitoring and intelligence: Continuously monitor global events and developments to proactively address potential risks and provide timely guidance.
Emergency assistance: Ensure rapid response and assistance in case of emergencies, including medical emergencies, natural disasters, or security incidents.

ACK3’s Travel Risk Management tools

ACK3’s Travel Risk Management service combines expert guidance with cutting-edge technologies to ensure the safety of your organization’s personnel during international travel and deployments. We specialize in mitigating risks associated with business travel, bolstered by our proprietary technologies:

Travel Risk Monitor: Our advanced monitoring system provides real-time updates on travel advisories, security threats, and emerging risks, empowering travelers with the latest information.
Tracking Monitoring and Geolocation: Our geolocation technology allows us to track and monitor the movements of personnel, ensuring their safety and providing rapid response in case of emergencies.

Travel Risk Monitor

ACK3’s Travel Risk Monitor (TRM) is a comprehensive platform for managing employee safety and security worldwide. With real-time data integration, risk intelligence, and global risk mapping, TRM enables proactive risk identification and efficient communication during incidents. It offers relevant alerts and emergency response, ensuring the safety of employees wherever they are.

Tracking Monitoring and Geolocation™

ACK3’s Tracking Monitoring and Geolocation™ (TMG) technology provides live tracking, check-ins, and a consolidated platform for real-time monitoring and alerts. It offers customizable emergency alerts, notifications, geofences, and points of interest for added context. The service also allows messaging, and historical data analysis to enhance safety and asset management.

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Our TRM service encompasses thorough risk assessments, crisis response planning, and on-the-ground support. We offer customized plans, ensuring your team is well-prepared for any travel-related challenges. With ACK3 as your TRM partner, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your personnel are protected, and your organization is leveraging technology for secure global mobility. Focus on the core of your global business expansion while we manage the risks.

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