ACK3 Tracking Monitoring and Geolocator (TMG)

The ACK3 Tracking Monitoring and Geolocator (TMG) is a state-of-the-art platform designed to consolidate tracking data and alerts from various devices into a single, user-friendly interface. It empowers organizations to effectively monitor the whereabouts of their personnel and respond promptly to any emergencies or critical situations.

What is the ACK3 TMG?

TMG stands for “Tracking Monitoring and Geolocator.” It refers to a system or platform designed to track and monitor the location of individuals or assets in real-time using geolocation technology.

TMG systems often provide features such as alerts, geofencing, and historical tracking data to enhance security, safety, and operational efficiency.

Benefits: Keeping your people safe

  • Matrix: Visualize tracking information from all your personnel and devices on a customizable map. Edit and review nearby assets, secure locations, and geofences. Consolidate critical information for quick access during emergencies.
  • Collaborate: Enable users to share critical information easily and collaborate with colleagues working in remote teams through a shared, centralized view of data.
  • Respond: Swiftly respond to real-time alerts triggered by individuals in your care. Manage and review emergency alarms and promptly identify and resolve critical situations.


Features: Saving lives globally

1. Matrix screen: Access a comprehensive view of tracking data and alerts on a single screen, allowing for quick and efficient monitoring and response.

2. Alerts: Receive real-time emergency alerts and customize them based on geofence locations, time, and asset criticality. Non-report alarms automatically trigger alerts if individuals or assets fail to check in as scheduled. Get notified if an asset exceeds speed limits in specific locations.

3. Notifications: Manage critical events with customizable in-app alerts and trigger bulk SMS and email notifications to your team, ensuring everyone stays informed.

4. Geofences: Define geographical boundaries to add context to your map and trigger alerts when individuals or assets enter or leave designated areas.

5. Points of interest: Plot work sites, hospitals, or other important locations alongside tracking data to provide additional context. Monitor asset proximity to points of interest for enhanced situational awareness.

6. Messages: Communicate directly with individuals or groups via the in-app messaging platform or SMS, enhancing communication during emergencies.

7. History: Access a timeline of past critical events to evaluate, learn, and plan responses. Review movement history to gain insights into how individuals have dealt with previous situations.

The ACK3 Tracking Monitoring and Geolocator (TMG) is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance safety and security by providing organizations with the tools they need to effectively monitor, respond to, and manage critical situations globally.

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