Shaping the future of global defense

Dive into the heart of innovation at FEINDEF 2025, where ACK3’s expertise in defense and security consultancy (FEINDEF official partner) amplifies your strategic impact.

The International Defense and Security Fair will be held on May 12, 13, and 14, 2025 in Madrid

What is FEINDEF?

FEINDEF (The International Defense and Security Fair in Spain) stands as Europe’s leading event in global defense and security, recognized as a center for innovation, collaboration, and technological expertise, hosted in Madrid. Endorsed by Spain’s Ministry of Defence, it is the arena where the future of defense is shaped and revealed.

Key European event for global defense and security

The event growth is substantial edition by edition: attendees surged by 89%, exhibitors by 163%, and the area expanded by 186%.

FEINDEF 25 is preparing for its fourth edition, which will take place on 12, 13 and 14 May 2025 at IFEMA (Madrid) with 3 halls, over 50.000 m2 of exhibition space and an estimated participation of 35.000 professional attendees and over 500 exhibiting companies.

Endorsed by governmental powerhouses

FEINDEF garners robust support from various governmental bodies, making it a unique platform in the defense and security sector.

Backed by the Spanish Ministry of Defence and coupled with contributions from entities like the European Union and national ministries, it fosters a collaborative environment for innovation and security advancements, positioning it as a crucial meeting point for international defense communities.

FEINDEF international growth

FEINDEF is rapidly evolving into a more prominent and international congress, underscored by the representation of 58 countries through various delegations in 2023. The anticipation for FEINDEF 2025 is that it will further amplify its international footprint, solidifying its position as a pivotal event in the global defense and security landscape.

Image of international representations at FEINDEF 2023.

Participating with ACK3: official partner with exclusive benefits

Partnering with ACK3 at FEINDEF means unparalleled access to key networks, bespoke consultancy, and enhanced visibility, positioning you at the forefront of defense innovation. We support you with:


  • Strategic networking: Connect with industry leaders and decision-makers.
  • Enhanced visibility: Elevate your brand’s presence in a competitive market.
  • Expert insights: Gain from ACK3’s deep industry knowledge and trends.
  • Tailored support: From logistics to marketing, receive customized assistance.
  • Growth opportunities: Explore new partnerships and business avenues.

In conclusion, leveraging ACK3’s partnership at FEINDEF is more than participation; it’s a strategic move towards shaping the future of global defense, fostering invaluable connections, and steering towards unprecedented growth.

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