Óscar Ruiz

Regional Unit

Óscar Ruiz Pérez is a Regional Unit at ACK3, specializing in migrations and international geopolitics. He has an outstanding military career in the Marine Infantry, with over 30 years of experience. For nine years, he was stationed at NATO Headquarters in Belgium and Sarajevo, where he performed intelligence and information security functions. He has participated in various military missions in Africa, America, and Europe. His extensive experience and knowledge make him a respected figure in the field of security and defense.

Additionally, Óscar is a professor and speaker on topics such as jihadist terrorism, migration challenges, and maritime security. He is currently the section head at Escudo Digital and a guest lecturer at ATALAYAR entre dos orillas and the General Foundation of the University of Málaga (FGUMA). He has collaborated on summer courses at the Rey Juan Carlos University and spring courses at the University of Málaga, addressing topics such as terrorism, immigration, and cyber threats.

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